Spray Drying

Spray Drying Process

Spray drying is a process used to create free-flowing powders from an aqueous solution called a slurry. Ingredients to be spray dried are batched and mixed with water in a tank with agitation. The slurry is fed into a centrifugal atomizer or high- pressure nozzle where it is dispersed into droplets. These droplets enter the hot air chamber at a high speed, drying the particles. The larger particles exit through a rotary valve at the base of the drying chamber. The finer particles continue through the system into the cyclone which then allows the fine particles to exit through a rotary valve. A baghouse system filters the ultra-fine particles, enabling only clean air to be released into the atmosphere.

Product Expertise

General Spray has processed over 100 different materials over the last 40 years. Our veteran team has developed a high degree of expertise with a vast array of materials. Here is a sample of materials that we process on a regular basis.

A Texture Image of Various Materials Image

Mixing and Milling

General Spray’s large range of batching tanks enables batching of 2 to 2,000 pounds of your required product formulation. With high and low shear mixing capabilities, we are able to produce uniform blending of all batch additives. Our 300-gallon holding tanks provide the ability to run continuously without any down time for batching.

General Spray also operates a large alumina-lined wet ball mill. We are capable of reducing larger sized particles down to sub-micron sized particles. This provides the customer with additional versatility in producing the optimal spray dried product.

Spray Drying Equipment and Capacity

Twenty-Foot Diameter APV Anhydro Conical Spray Dryer Unit

Our 20-foot conical spray dryer unit is capable of centrifugal wheel atomization and co-current or counter current high-pressure nozzle and pneumatic nozzle atomization. The temperature profile in the dryer can be adjusted to deliver optimum drying conditions for your application.

  • Water evaporation rate over 2,000 pounds per hour
  • Up to 3,000 pounds per hour run rate
  • 12,000 RPM maximum wheel speed
  • One to five nozzle configuration
  • Maximum inlet temperature of 800° Fahrenheit
  • Cyclone and baghouse fine particle separation capability

Sixteen-Foot Diameter APV Anhydro Flat Bottom Spray Dryer Unit

Our 16-foot flat bottom spray dryer unit is capable of drying various types of materials including materials sensitive to heat. This dryer uses centrifugal atomization and a single cyclone collection point, producing a finer particle size with a high yield.

  • Water evaporation rate over 1,200 pounds per hour
  • Up to 2,000 pounds per hour run rate
  • 12,000 RPM maximum wheel speed
  • Maximum inlet temperature of 800° Fahrenheit
  • Cyclone product collection

Additional Capabilities

After spray drying, General Spray offers blending, screening and material cooling to assist customers in achieving the required properties for their materials.


General Spray operates a 30 cubic foot GEMCO® stainless steel conical blending unit. We are capable of blending almost any type of additive, providing a uniform dispersion throughout the batch.


General Spray operates three 48-inch multi-deck stainless steel Sweco separators. With screen sizes ranging from 30 to 400 mesh, we can handle almost any material classifying or screening requirements.


General Spray maintains a 14-foot stainless steel cooling bed. This allows additional cooling to prevent clumping and sticking of heat sensitive material.